Glue Valve
  • Size and type of standard rubber hose for pressure barrel

    The standard configuration of the rubber tube used for the stainless steel pressure barrel is 8 cm, just the same as the size of the rubber inlet on the dispensing valve. The rubber tube type is Teflon rubber tube, and the ordinary rubber tube is used

  • High viscosity black two-component dispensing valve

    There are single component and two-component glues. The latter is much more difficult to use than the former. There are many kinds of two-component dispensing valves specially developed for the use of two-component glues. At present, there are many ty

  • Electric AB double liquid dispensing valve epoxy resin filli

    There are many types of double liquid dispensing valves produced by our company. In the last issue, a representative static double liquid valve has been introduced. Today, we will introduce the characteristics and functions of dynamic double liquid di

  • Fan spray valve

    To achieve glue atomization, we need to use fan spray valve to transform the water-based glue into mist and spray out. The general dispensing valve can not be done. It needs unique structure to do it. It also requires glue. The viscosity should not be