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Instructions for high precision dispensing screw valve

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Screw valve manufacturers who have used dispensing machine for some time have basically realized that screw dispensing valve is a dispensing valve of what type. Today, I'm going to talk about the operating instructions of screw valve, hoping to let you know the effect and function of precision screw valve. The dispensing effect will be very different from that of ordinary valve. It really has a great effect on dispensing effect. Let's get to know Right.
Screw valve features:
Air pressure and motor are the power sources, mainly controlled by the motor, the control accuracy is very accurate, the motor gear is very small, the control rubber can achieve the micron effect.
It has the effect of back absorption. By means of the screw, the glue can be back absorbed, and the glue flow can be controlled without leakage. It has nothing to do with the glue viscosity and is not affected by it.
There is also a specially used controller, which can set dispensing accuracy, glue output, suction force, suction ratio and other parameters, very carefully.
There is no effect on the glue type. High viscosity and low viscosity can be used. There is no difference between glue types. In addition to 502 glue and hot melt glue, these can only be used with special accessories, which is also very simple.
Instructions for use of dispensing valve of anaerobic screw
1. Installation: for line installation, there will be a data line between the connecting controller and the dispensing valve. In the middle, a relay needs to be installed to turn the voltage to 12V, so as to avoid that the screw valve motor cannot be used.
2. Setting: start to set the parameters of the dual liquid controller, but also need to be combined with the dispensing parameters for debugging. First, it can not be set.
3. Debugging: after setting, it is to debug the glue output. According to the current use situation, then debug the glue output and suction back, which can ensure that the glue output meets the requirements without glue leakage. Slowly set it to the appropriate position.
This is the screw valve instructions, the price is very high, the use is very simple. The application in UV glue dispensing and anaerobic glue dispensing is very good. According to the different glue, our company has produced anaerobic glue screw dispensing valve and UV screw valve, which are used to meet the core dispensing requirements. Our company has various types of screw valves, including double liquid ones, hot melt ones and fine dense ones. Welcome to consult.
The minimum rubber output can reach 0.001 ml, the capacity flow can reach 0.12 ~ 1.48 ml / min, and the weight is 380g